amelian kashiro hamilton is a stylist/artist/designer/oil painter/sartorialist existing in between las vegas & los angeles and wherever the wind takes her. amelian's perspective is rooted by her keen ability to curate a vision of the future through the items of the past. a meticulous thrifter with a strong sense of fashion and design history, her personal and professional work reflects a varied visual passion. the diversity of her own experiences and relationships aptly lends her eye to a wide-range of styling work. as an alaskan with a mother from tokyo and a father from oakland, she has long embraced both the distinctions and intersections present within her liminal identity.


amelian’s cross-cultural pursuit of style is rooted in the skills of her seamstress mother yoko who is currently a successful head tailor. she endowed her daughter with knowledge of fabric quality, garment construction and fine tailoring as a youth. this expanded her interests in style as yoko showed her and her 3 sisters how to make and alter anything from the thrift or clearance rack as an ingenious way to stay on trend. her father leonard, exposed her to his eclectic sense of style, sporting athletic wear such as oakland athletics jerseys to batik prints he acquired from trips to zaire now the republic of congo. her admiration of his distressed work wear he wore with pride – carhartt coats and pants with various paint stains, levi’s denim with wear and tear while growing up in anchorage, alaska and her mother's pristine style rooted from growing up in tokyo, japan and professional eye/ career in tailoring high end fashion brands, love and respect for beautifully made designer wear resonates in her love for mixing flawed pieces, the cultural perpetuation style over fashion.

written by tierney finster